Theology is for everyone. Start here.

Over the years I have heard people claim that theology isn’t really their thing. Theology can be viewed as something that is for “smart” people or those interested in reading and research. I have secretly held the same opinion and just considered it a unique passion of mine, but not a necessity for everyone. As I have become more involved in Children’s Ministry at our church and curriculum writing I have been made aware of the impact theology has, particularly in how we present the Gospel. Poor, watered down, inaccurate Gospel presentations stem from inaccurate theology.

The truth is, theology is simply the study of God, and that makes it everyone’s business.

As I stated in my very first blog post, one of my hopes in blogging is sharing quality resources with families. As Keith and I seek to raise a godly heritage unto the Lord we are constantly on the look out for resources that can help us. It is my joy to share those with you.

*Please note, being Amazon is my favorite to order from I will link to their site for product listings. These are affiliate links, which means, Amazon is thankful that I’m sending people their way, so they compensate me a small (very small) amount for any purchases made from the link. I’m required to tell you this.*

I have come across a book that the more I use it, the more I love it. I am convinced that whether you are young or old, a part of a huge family, or single, you will benefit greatly from it. It is a children’s book that is intended to teach theology, subsequently it is called, The Ology. It was written by Marty Machowski, who also has written the Gospel Story Bible, Long Story Short, and Old Story New. All great resources as well.

The Ology is a thorough, yet simple approach to systematic theology. My favorite thing about the book is first-off, the theologically rich and accurate content, but I also love how short and simple the readings are. The book is broken down into eleven sections containing a total of 71 brief readings. In my opinion, the readings are just long enough to convey the truth they intend to communicate, but they end before children lose focus. This makes it ideal for preschool, all the way up through adulthood.

Are you a parent that desires to give your kids a solid theological foundation? Or an adult that desires to be knowledgable in theology, but doesn’t know where to start? This book would be ideal for both.

Here is a link to The Ology on Amazon (affiliate link):

There is also a CD of songs that go along with the book. I have not listened to it, but here is the link if you are interested (affiliate link):

I hope these resources can be a blessing to your family.


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